Herdla torpedo battery

Up until a few years ago, the torpedo battery was a top-secret defence facility. Today the fully equipped battery is protected as cultural heritage. Join one of our guided tours and experience the times of the Cold War.

A complete military installation

On the way down to the sea, you will learn of the military context in which the battery was used. The tour goes first into bunkers which were used to house support equipment, such as a radar and an EO-sensor. After, you will enter the command station, which is in its own mountain hall. Here you will learn about both the mine and torpedo weapons, as well as how a fort such as this one was organised. 



Practical information 

The guided tour starts by the aircraft hangar at Herdla fort, where you purchase tickets. The tour takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Since much of the tour is outdoors, it is important that you have appropriate clothing for the weather. A tour of the torepdo battery can been booked. 





  • Herdla torpedo battery was established by the German occupying forces, and was taken over by the Norwegian military after the war
  • The installation has undergone several moderisations, the last being in conjunction with the large refurbishment of the fort in the period 1987 – 1995.
  • In 2001 the battery was closed down, along with the rest of the coastal fort. During the closure process, it was decided that the battery would be preserved as one of four installations that together would represent the coastal military's history during the Cold War.