Herdla - nature and history

With Herdla Fort and the Gul-16 building as a starting point, you can get to know the little island with a lot of exciting things to offer. After a visit here, you will understand why Herdla has such beautiful beaches and such rich bird life. You will also get an insight into the island's dramatic war history.

Herdla - from naked rocks to manor and parish 

By the aid of a guided tour you will find out how the melting ice from inland formed the moraine island Herdla and led to early settlement here. You will also learn about the manor on Herdla, and the island's long history.




By means of binoculars you may observe the rich diversity of birdlife found on Herdla. You may spot many of the species typical for the island. You will also find information about the protected bird sanctuaries and what precautions you should take when visiting these areas. 



Fightercraft airport and coastal fort

The Gul-16 building is a good starting point if you wish to take a tour of the island to see traces of war time.