10 things to do at Herdla this summer

Herdla is a very special island where there is lots to do! It is a good idea to start at the museum where you can get good advice about where to go and to hear more about the history of the island
Did you know there was an airport here during WWII and that the museums exhibits an airplane from that era?

1) Visit the birdwatching tower at Valen. You can see lapwings, ducks, gulls and maybe even an eagle from the tower. Herdla is a sanctuary for birds, which means you must be quiet and watch where you put your feet. Watch for the signs that tell you where you can walk.

2) Pet a goat. There is a herd of goats at Herdla Fort. They will let you pet them, but don’t give them food.

3) Learn about owls. There is an exhibition about Norway’s owls at Herdla Museum, from the smallest pygmy owl to the great eagle owl. You’ll also see Hedvig, the white owl from Harry Potter.

4) Find your favourite stone. The rocks in the ebb along the coast of Herdla have been formed by the ice, wind and sea into lovely smooth stones.

5) Look for crabs! There are many lovely beaches on Herdla where you can look for crabs and shells.

6) Fly a kite. Herdla has plenty of space, and it is often windy. And you need both to fly a kite. Have a go at the flat area at Herdla Fort, where you won’t upset the birds or the cattle.

7) Spend the night in a tent or hammock. There are lots of lovely spots for putting up a tent or hammock at Herdla Fort.

8) Venture inside the rock! Soldiers used to sit in the rock cave at Herdla and watch that no enemies passed the island. What went on in there back then was a secret, but now you can visit it and see what it was like for the soldiers. Contact the museum!

9) Go kayaking to Skarvøy. Skarvøy is an interesting island of tunnels, ruins and bunkers. You can borrow a canoe, paddles and life jackets at the museum. The weather needs to be good, you must be able to swim and there must be adults in your party to do this trip.

10 ) Tidy a beach together with your family. Many people are good at picking up rubbish on Herdla, but more rubbish is washed up all the time. You can find bags at Herdla Fort for picking up rubbish and you can leave them there when they are full.

Finish the day with a nice dip in the ocean!